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Prostate Diet: The good, the bad, and the ugly

Search the web and you’ll find everyone’s theory on what are the best foods for the prostate. Or even better go to your local drug store and find prostate super pills. But what does the medical research tell us? I’ll break down the results from numerous medial journals into 3 categories. Foods that are GOOD for your prostate, foods that are BAD for your prostate, and foods that are UGLY for your prostate.

So here we go…..

The GOOD: veggies. No surprise here. But interestingly 1- cruciferous veggies are best. So next time your at the grocery store grab some kale and broccoli. See more examples below.

2- Tomatoes because they have lyocopene. Other natural foods with lyocopene are grapefruit, red carrots, watermelon and papaya. 3- Soy products. But doesn’t that lower T? Hey don’t shoot the messenger. It has something to do with the estrogenic effect or the inhibition of 5AR which was found good for the prostate. Why not give edamame a try?

Next, pay a visit to the fish market. 4-Fish was found to be GOOD for the prostate in numerous studies.

Now the BAD: animal fat and cholesterol. Sounds obvious. So stay away from bacon fat, lard, ice cream, etc.

And lastly, the UGLY: WHOLE MILK! For some reason whole milk comes out as worst. Some say it was the Vit D, some said that it was the fat content. But come to find out it has something to do with the milk itself.

A word on vitamins, 3 vitamins were mentioned in the medical journals: selenium, Vit E and Vit D. The only one that came out positive was Vit D. The popularity of E and selenium has been disproven and is not recommended to be consumed beyond natural means (no need to supplement here).

In summary, take or leave the vitamins, lay off the high fat diet and dairy, especially whole milk and eat those veggies!


Cruciferous veggies

Cauliflower, cabbage, kale, bok choy, broccoli, Brussels sprouts

Soy products

Tofu, soymilk, edamame, soy nuts and sprouts


Grapefruit, red carrots, watermelon and papaya.


Vit D


Animal fat and cholesterol


Whole Milk

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