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Happy Senior Couple

Dr. Jen is amazing at what she does – she is extremely knowledgeable and compassionate.  Her consistent reassurance throughout a very difficult time in my life really meant a lot to me.  She guided me (an otherwise healthy, 44 year old male) from what was debilitating pelvic pain, along with terrible urinary symptoms, to very little pain/symptoms in 6 months’ time.  I could not have done this without Dr. Jen’s direction and I consider myself very fortunate to have been under her care.  I am so thankful her support, patience, guidance and expertise throughout this process – I could not have asked for a better provider/teacher/coach/mentor! 


Jen is a miracle worker.


I came to Dr. Jen for fecal incontinence and from day one I felt comfortable and never embarrassed.  I am so thankful for Dr. Jen.  I have no more bowel problems. I am free again.


As a board certified family physician and geriatrician I like to think I have the inside edge on dealing with illness. How humbling it was for me to suddenly be incontinent of urine after a radical prostatectomy for cancer.

Dr Jen was the support person I needed to help get through the frustration. She is very knowledgeable about her specialty and an effective and compassionate teacher.She gave me hope to reach the outcome of return of continence. And it happened!

Thanks Dr. Jen


Joseph England MD

I feel Joy and Relief in my mind.  My body has been in decline and I have spent every day in pain for several years. I found that I was doing less and less every day with new problems accumulating on a regular basis.  I had PT in Maine and RI and many orthopedic procedures performed, but none had any positive effects.

Then the dreaded thing happened.  I became incontinent.  I was embarrassed to talk with my doctor.  I was still suffering with much pain in my body and now I could not walk as far as the bathroom. I tried all the absorbent products advertised but none fit or performed well and many companies wanted me to contract with them and became rude when I refused.

Finally I got up my courage and told my doctor.  He prescribed Myrbetriq but there was little relief. He sent me to a urologist who told me to double up on the Myrbetriq but gave me no directions for taking a double dose. I felt as if I was a broken down machine with people just “trying” things. I used pads, then diapers, then diapers with thick pads. I no longer wanted to go out in public.

It seemed that it was a private issue. None of my friends talked about this problem. When I met Dr. Jenn Sant she made me feel comfortable enough to tell her my problem. I turned into a person rather than a broken machine.

I have been working on my bladder control with Dr. Sant and specific pelvic floor exercises for just a few months. For the first  time in years I am in charge of my body and elimination process.  I am again a Free woman.

This is an issue that women think they should keep private and not speak about it.  I am talking to many friends and spreading confidence to discuss their problems.  Jenn Sant has changed my life and I wish all women could be aware that their life could be renewed for them.


Dr. Jen-just wanted to say thank-you for the care I have received thus far form you. From the first meeting, I immediately felt at ease-what I consider most important. You thoroughly explained and illustrated with pictures and 3D models what we would be working on. These visual aids helped me as we went through our visit and with my at home exercises. You are obviously extremely knowledgeable and expert at your job-and you have a wonderful "bedside" manner!

You have my highest recommendation!! Thank-you!


Just wanted to share my experience, I started my

Therapy in May with Jen for a prolapse bladder and from the first day she was wonderful.

She worked with me once a week until last week.  She encouraged me each time I went and

would tell me what I was doing right and what was wrong.  Learned exercises to strengthen

My pelvic floor and she kept telling me how great I was doing.  Went to my Urogynecology

Yesterday who said I did not need surgery and how much progress I made from May until the present.


The doctor told me to keep doing the exercises on my own.  It was such a relief to know I didn’t need surgery.   Without Jen, it would never have happened.  She was the force which

Encouraged me each time and told me she didn’t think I would need surgery.  

I would rate my experience a 5 out of 5.


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