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When Love Hurts


Many people believe that one's body only goes wrong when we are older. Well that is not true for pelvic floor muscles. Many young women experience pelvic pain for the first time when they try to use a tampon. That pain continues and increases as they try to engage in an intimate relationship. Some people go their whole lives without telling anyone about their pain. While in reality many women experience this type of pain known as vaginismus. Vaginismus is when your pelvic floor muscles want to close or contract instead or open and rest and this feeling overwhelms you. The good news is that there is treatment for Vaginismus and the treatment does not need to be embarrassing or painful. The muscles can be trained to allow pain-free penetration.

Try this:

Place your hands on your stomach and notice your hands rise as you take a deep breath in, exhale and let a long breath out. Keep the rest of your body relaxed. This is called diaphragmatic breathing or belly breathing. Belly breathing uses your respiratory diaphragm muscle instead of your neck and shoulder muscles to bring in air. Perform 5 belly breaths.

Next try belly breathing with mindfulness of your pelvic floor lengthening and softening.


Some people think that only women get pain during sex. However many men also get pain, usually with ejaculation. This pain happens because the man’s pelvic floor muscles are hypertonic or are in a guarded/contracted state at rest. The muscles should be in a relaxed state at rest. The good news for guys is that this pain can be treated through relaxation exercises, such as trigger point therapy.

Try this:

For starters try resting on your back with your knees bent and place a tennis ball just to the side of your tailbone. If you feel more than just a ball awarkerly being there and have more of a feeling that there is discomfort there than you probably have a trigger point. Massage on the ball for about two minutes and feel the pain dissipate.

Try Pelvic PT and learn more.

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